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The Fastest Project Economics and Evaluation Software for Oil & Gas Companies

Base your project and acquisition target decisions on solid, reliable economic evaluation results. With Pandell EA, economic evaluations can be created and run within minutes. Take a tour or sign up for a demo.

Pandell EA Features

Pandell EA Designed For

  • Start Up O&G Companies
  • O&G Project Evaluators
  • A&D Departments
  • Engineering Firms
  • Independent Contractors
  • and More!

What They're Saying

“I choose Pandell EA to evaluate drilling opportunities and acquisition targets because with it, I can build cases quickly and rely on the economic results. For project analysis, I recommend Pandell EA over any other economics system.”

Tim Veenstra
CEO, Annex Petroleum Inc.
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Why Pandell EA is Better

In a word, simplicity. Pandell EA is simply the best for A&D work and project economics. Go from installation to economic results in minutes. Import actual data from AccuMap, GeoScout or Geo Webworks to graphically create decline forecasts. The resulting economic indicators and cash flow profiles will help you make the best possible decision.

Your Time is Valuable

Better decisions translate to increased cash flows. Spend time analyzing economic results that help you make better project decisions, not time building cases or waiting for results in complex software. Pandell EA provides a sensible workflow that facilitates decline analysis and can automatically generate economic cases faster than ever.

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