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Economic Evaluations

Build your economic cases by creating a production profile, setting case pricing, entering operating and capital costs, and setting property ownership. With its up-to-date Western Canadian royalty calculations, you can trust the results and gain support for your decision.

Current Price Decks

Better input leads to more trustworthy results. Make use of the most recent product price forecasts from six major engineering firms. There's no searching or cumbersome downloads required. Pandell EA makes updates available as soon as they are published.

Decline Analysis

Combining the ability to import production data from AccuMap, GeoScout, or Geo Webworks with direct click and drag creation of decline profiles, establishing accurate production forecasts and estimates of remaining reserves can be done in a flash.


Reduce Data Entry

Automatically generate cases with set operating costs and production profiles, based on existing decline curves. Change pricing, evaluation start dates, production start dates, and other input variables in multiple economic cases using batch edit capabilities.

Case Wizard

Pandell EA provides a step-by-step approach in creating economic cases. Whether it is your first time creating an economic case or you are an experienced economic evaluator, the Pandell EA Case Wizard can help you get to your economic results faster.


Support your decisions by analyzing annual or monthly cash flow profiles and a variety of before and after tax economic indicators including net present value, internal rate of return, return on investment, and time to payout. Access reports in industry standard formats.

More Features


Easily calculate in-place and remaining recoverable oil, gas and by-product volumes and compare these against results from decline and material balance analyses to establish the best reserves estimates.

User Experience

The complexity is in the calculations. Easily navigate through the application to build economic cases, taking advantage of time-saving data duplication and data escalation functionalities to create production and cost profiles.


Quickly look at the big picture by evaluating multiple economic cases that make up a project or acquisition target. Consolidations and reserves reports let you summarize economic results, reserves volumes and net present values for multiple cases.

Material Balance

If you can click, drag and release with your mouse, you can estimate gas reserves on our material balance plot. Adjust forecasts graphically to determine the best fit against actual data.

Export Economic Results

Creating an AFE based on your economic case? Send your economic results into Pandell AFE to retain key information behind that capital expenditure.

Familiar Look and Feel

Worked with another Pandell product? You’ll have no trouble getting to your economic results in Pandell EA.

Become a Power User

Need to determine cash flow at a different discount rate? Attempting to model the economics of your project based on proposed tax rate changes? You can do this and more in Pandell EA.

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